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Panels/Workshops are a favorite for both of us.
We love meeting people who share or are interested in our love of gaming.

Beginners Guide to Tabletop Gaming
Board games, card games, roleplaying games- Oh, my!
You've seen the shiny stacks of games, noticed the groups gathered 'round a table with multicolored dice, maybe watched an episode of Tabletop or two, and are intrigued.  This is an adventure that appeals to your fun loving nature, but never ending games of Monopoly are all you know.  Join Geeks Playing Games as we share our suggestions for getting started in tabletop gaming. 

Gaming Your Fandom
Whovians. Trekkies. Bronies. Browncoats. Whatever Fandoms you identify with, a common thread is the desire to immerse yourself further into the worlds you love. Cosplay and fan fiction are great ways to jump into those worlds, but what about gaming? Join Geeks Playing Games as we share how you can play your Fandom through tabletop games. Be ready to share your favorites as well.

More than Mechanics: Story Building Roleplaying
Sometimes it's all about experiencing a great story. Looking for something fresh, where the mechanics take a backseat? Interested in RPG's that allow the player to help build the story? Join Geeks Playing Games as we share roleplaying games that move beyond mechanics to provide a great structure for playing the story. Be ready to share your favorites as well.

We're open to developing new panels as needed.