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More than Mechanics: Story Based Roleplaying

*WIP: Check Back for Updates and Links*


A Penny for My Thoughts

Fate/Fate Accelerated



Lacuna Part 1 (Second Attempt) 

Clockwork: Dominion 

Baker Street 

Lady Blackbird *

Ten Candles 

Abstract Dungeon

Murderous Ghosts 

Our Last Best Hope

Doctor Magnethands *

Other Suggestions**:

44: A Game of Automatic Fear, Nine Worlds (both * on DriveThruRPG), and Dust Devils- all "Stories You Play" by Matt Snyder

Apocalypse World (& the "Powered by")

Cue System: Cosmic Patrol, Valiant Universe

Don't Rest Your Head

Everyone is John *

The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen *



Midsummer: Fairytales in the Mundane World - Powered by the Apocalypse

The Murder of Mr. Crow *



Sheetless Roleplaying *

Shock: Social Science Fiction Vast & Starlit  Wushu *

*Free at time of posting.

**Many of these have been suggested to us but we've not yet played them ourselves.