We're Geeks. We Play Games.

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Meet the Geeks

Lori grew up on games and geekiness. Princess Leia was her hero. RISK was her introduction to geography. Her dad always seemed to have the latest video game console; Atari was followed by Nintendo, Nintendo by Sega, and so on. He passed his love for gaming, competition, science fiction, and fantasy on to his daughter and that love just grows deeper as she gets older. 

A wife and home educator, Lori is fueled by a little less coffee and a lot more wine these days. She writes, reads, frequently breaks into song, and loves all things Whedon. She's a fan of steampunk, a TV junkie, and the leader of The Plot Bunnies & Edit Demons writing/critique group.  She just can't choose a favorite game, but her current obsessions are The Dresden Files RPG,  Battlestar Galactica, Five Tribes, the many incarnations of Fluxx and Love Letter, and Lacuna: Part 1 (Second Attempt).

Ben grew up watching Star Wars, Star Trek, the original Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Who (bow ties are over-rated, scarves is where it’s at) and many other wonderful geekish shows and movies.

His family was never big into board games though, they were mostly reserved for holiday get-togethers with his extended families, when watching TV was socially unacceptable.  They would break-out the classics; Monopoly, Battleship and Clue, when the Thanksgiving or Christmas family parties would get boring.  One year he got the Scotland Yard board game for Christmas, but after a few obligatory plays it was stuffed in the closet and forgotten.  He would  pull the game out every once in a while and try to get his siblings to play, but to no avail. His uncle taught him how to play Chess, a game he still loves, although he has never been exceptionally good at it.  Then in high-school his friend introduced him to RISK, and he was hooked.  They would wage epic campaigns against one another that would last into the wee hours of the morning.  

Growing up, playing cards was kind of taboo in his house, mostly because of his mom's upbringing. So it wasn’t until he joined the Army that he really started playing, and loving, card games.  Spades, of course, was the staple barracks game, but he also learned how to play Hearts, Pinochle and Poker.  

He grew up in the shadow of the unreasonable fear of Dungeons & Dragons, so he was not allowed to have anything to do with D&D or any type of role-playing game.  It wasn’t until he was in his 30s that friends of Ben and his wife convinced them to give it a try before condemning it. They did and they really liked it. Contrary to what he was led to believe as a child, it’s just a game and it is fun.

By day, Ben sits behind a desk as a Quality Assurance Evaluator for a very small, specific computer network.  He digs Steampunk, Firefly, Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, (ok, almost anything with Star in it), SciFi in general.  Currently playing and enjoying Firefly (the boardgame, the role-playing game and very much looking forward to Firefly Online), Love Letter and The Dresden Files Files RPG.