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Lacuna RPG: Mission 2 Report (Lacuna Matata'd?)

Session 2 found us down one player and a new one added. I used Agent Warner's excitement over his "flash bang" puppet from Session 1 to explain his absence. A little retraining may have been in order.

The players spent quite awhile finding each other, as they had fun with the setting. Once they did reconnect, there were a number of phrases and actions carried over from Session 1. It was a fun thing to see from this GM's view. Own those characters and make the story yours. Love it.
Toward the end of the mission, one agent did something unexpected. I had to go with it to maintain consistency from Session 1, but it's sparked ideas for later sessions that I think will prove exciting. It's like a covert collaborative story building and I think that's part of why I'm still obsessed.

Original Review: Lacuna Part 1

Blue City Team # 25
Post Mission Summary: 02

Lead Agent: Fisher
Mythography: Note emotional and mental state during mission, as you return to the hunt.
HP: Edward Clyde Slaw
HP Crimes: Armed Robbery, Attempted Murder, Motor Vehicle Theft, Kidnapping

Agent Warner was unavailable for this mission. His predilection for puppets and self recrimination post mission indicated the need for a time of <r redact the crap out . Agent Hunter was recruited <r due to decoy team /r> her first dive.

As lead agent, Fisher entered first and found himself in the laundry room of The Hotel. Questioning the women working there proved fruitless, but they did direct him to the elevators. Shepard arrived wedged behind a planter in the lobby of The Hotel. She climbed out and took a seat on the couch, grabbing a newspaper as cover. The concierge wasn’t fooled. Stringer dropped into a chair in a room of The Hotel.  A quick look around the room revealed the bed wasn’t made properly. Rather than investigate further, she left the room after memorizing the strange number on the door. Hunter found herself without the required suit, or any clothes at all, when she dropped into the shower of another room in The Hotel. The proper attire, including her Lacuna Device, was found hanging in the room. She dressed and went in search of her team. Mason dropped in an elevator in The Hotel. He stopped the door from closing as Stringer and Hunter entered the hall and then the elevator. They pushed the button they hoped was the lobby. It was.

They joined Shepard in the lobby, in time to hear her berate the concierge over the hotel being named The Hotel. Distraction arrived in the form of Team Leader Fisher. Shepard and Fisher greeted each other with “Field Goal” and what appeared to be an elaborate hand signal. Concern is warranted. T  Fisher contacted Control and then questioned the concierge, who asked if they were the “decoy team”. bad boy.

The team exited The Hotel to search for the HP. A flock of pigeons flew toward them and then straight into the sky. Shepard yelled “Hitchcock”, followed by “John Wu moment”. Concern over memory recall. The search continued. A man with dogs approached them. He remembered the team. hwat? This Personality, Clarence,  provided them with intel on gambling areas- The Racetrack for greyhound racing and The Park for more personal bets. Mentioned the term, “King Me.” Mason’s assumptions were alarming. During this conversation, Clarence revealed that the “Other Team” had spoken with him previously and he had given them the same information.

Fisher decided to split the team after requesting items from Control. Requested and Received: 5 Walkie Talkies, Currency, 1 set Brass Knuckles, 4 Tranquilizer Guns (1 dart ea.). Fisher and Shepard (watch that) went to Racetrack. Stringer, Mason, and Hunter went to Park.

The Racetrack: Shepard and Fisher saw team of agents they referred to as “Rival Team”. Alerted Park team to watch for “copycats”. They went to betting area, then track. Shepard confronted a “Rival Agent” who professed to recognize her from training with Snyder as his mentor. He claimed that she should have received the same instructions from Snyder- takedown the HP first. Fisher overheard some of the conversation, used his tranq gun on the other agent, dragged him into the nearest restroom, and made him use his Lacuna Device on himself while unconscious. We are unsure the ramifications of this as we have yet to be notified of the agent’s reaction on the slab. The other agent fled. Shepard and Fisher found no sign of the HP at The Racetrack and headed to the Park.

The Park: The other three agents scoured The Park until they found the secluded tree lined alcove where Personalities sat at small tables playing checkers and chess. They entered the area and joined open games. Questioning the players, they discovered that Slaw frequented the area and was well liked. He may have been in debt to a man dressed like the agents, with a deeper blue tie. Note: Miner? All color drained from The City. Stringer and Shepard entered The Park. The “Rival Agents” appeared at one side of the alcove. The HP, Slaw, entered on the other side. Stringer told Slaw, “Come with me if you want to live.” Slaw ran toward Hunter. She told him to trust her and asked if he knew Collier. What? He denied it but pulled her behind the hedges and demanded to know what she knew. Shepard yelled, “He has a gun!” No one responded but the Rival Team, who drew their guns. Mason, Shepard, and Fisher attacked Rival Team. A man in a business suit stepped out from behind a hedge and tranqed Mason. [Intel indicates he may have spoken with Hunter. She denies contact.]

Hunter used her tranq gun on the HP and attached device. “His chest split open from top to bottom. A giant mass of greenish black crawled out of him.”  Hunter remained calm as Stringer tranqed the monster with Shepard’s gun, then Hunter dispatched the HP to the Lacuna. Agents carried Mason to a cafe, where they called Control to eject.

Notes: Control denies any knowledge of a so-called “Rival Team”, as does Senior Instructor Agent Snyder.

Control: Agent psychological profiles during debrief indicate possible hostile confusion, especially with Agents Stringer, Mason, and Shepard. However, Shepard questioned guilt of HP but did not hesitate to follow through with mission.

Agent Hunter’s and Fisher’s profiles were inconclusive but hopeful. Accomplishment appeared to be their strongest emotion. Fisher's use of the Lacuna Device on a fellow agent is questionable. Whether this is progression or regression has yet to be determined. He will be watched closely.