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Lacuna RPG: Mission 1 Report (Well Endowed Muffins, Miscommunication, and Max Heart Rate)

My Lacuna obsession sent me to various web sites, blogs, and forums in search of helpful hints and actual play sessions. I had a great time reading session summaries and GM notes, so I thought I'd share my own for those interested. Here's the Post Mission Summary: 01 that my players will receive when they arrive Friday for session 2. 

I'll be posting session 1 GM info soon (and will clearly mark it as such). If you haven't read my review of Lacuna: Part 1 and want to know what all this is about, you can find it HERE.

Blue City Team # 25
Post Mission Summary: 01

Lead Agent: Warner
Mythography: Note locations’ location, as they tend to shift.
HP: Lindsay Dair
HP Crimes: Murder

Warner entered the dive first, to serve as anchor for the team. He dropped into Cafe Station, by the hotel kiosk. The others dropped nearby. Stringer on the floor of the station. Shepard outside as the tram pulled away. Fisher on a park bench across the street. Mason inside the tram, after it left the station. He showed please redact this as he stepped off the tram as though it weren’t moving.

[Shepard revealed a conditioned response when Fisher kicked a pigeon. She threw up her hands and shouted, “Field Goal!”. This may be an indication of past memories creeping through. Precautions may need to be made. Fisher’s unwarranted violence against the pigeon is also noted.]

First check in with Control. Info requested. Search for Lindsay Dair begins. Blue City citizens acting odd. All stop to stare into sky. Agents note nothing unusual above. In unison, citizens return to their business as usual. I should redact this too. Mason questions a highbrow woman in a stole. She isn’t a fan of Dair but she’s heard of her, of course. There’s something going on at an art gallery tonight, she thinks.

Control contacts the agents with the requested information. Dair’s current husband is Eduardo Beltram. He owns an art gallery.

A man with several dogs of varying size greets the agents. The team learns his name is Clarence. uh oh a name means a recurring personality  Clarence is a fan of Dair and is attending the play tonight at Beltram’s art gallery. He is disturbed to learn Dair is married, but he knows the gallery is located in the Glasswork District and tickets will be available at the door.

Agents contact Control to request money for tram and play tickets. Shepard makes the call and is insubordinate. She passes off to Warner. This shows lack of leadership. Team takes tram to Glasswork District. They enter a bakery, “The Well Endowed Muffin Top”, where they find information and a phone to request items from Control.

Control indicates their requests included: tranquilizer gun that farts, pen that squirts water, large can of Axe body spray, an air horn can and smoke pellets, giraffe ear muffs, a plastic whistle, and a puppet in an overcoat that opens when its strings are pulled. Team disagrees and states they requested: tranquilizer gun with darts, autograph style pen with tranquilizer spray, perfume bottle with gas that makes someone suggestible, an air horn gun and smoke pellets, noise cancelling ear plugs, and a personal alarm panic button, and a flash bang grenade. We’ll have to beat them.

Warner appeared too delighted with his flashing puppet. Check background. Was he a sexual deviant? [Tuna in water, not oil.]

Agents report that upon leaving the bakery, something shimmered and then a women’s boutique replaced the bakery. [Mythography 4582] Clarence, the dog walker, appeared with two different dogs. He pointed out that everyone was walking in the same direction. The team joined the crowd as it was the same direction as the art gallery.

A soundless explosion of glass created chaos in the street. The agents all managed to avoid the falling glass. The citizens took damage. The team was intent on their mission and continued to the art gallery. Phones began ringing everywhere.

The glass was shattered at the gallery as well, but people sat in their seats as though nothing had happened. A stage was set up at the end of the room, with rows of chairs in front. The phone at the front desk was ringing. More phones could be heard somewhere near the back of the room.

Shepard investigated the front desk. She found nothing of interest, and when she picked up the phone she only heard static. Mason, Warner and Fisher entered an office on the right, looking for Dair. The office was empty, but on the desk sat a ringing telephone covered in spiderweb. Mason answered and heard only static. Stringer entered a door to the left and discovered a long hall with various doors. She shouted at the team to join her. Mason and Warner opened a door at the end of the hall and found Dair’s impromptu dressing room. Shepard entered the room as well. Stringer and Fisher remained in the hall.

Warner pinned his Lacuna Device on the HP. “A long, spindly black leg pushed it's way out of her left eye” and the monster emerged. Mason froze but Shepard sprayed it with the can of Axe. Warner attempted to turn the device and failed. At maximum heart rate, he knew he didn’t have enough in him to try again.

From the doorway, Fisher threw the smoke pellet into the room. Mason, Shepard and Stringer fought blind, but managed to subdue the HP. Mason grabbed Warner’s hand and tried to turn his device. He failed. Mason pinned his own device on the HP but failed to turn it. He was now at maximum heart rate. Shepard grabbed Mason’s hand and tried to turn the device. She failed and was also at maximum heart rate. Fisher heard the sound of marching. The phone in the dressing room rang. Stringer grabbed Mason’s hand and tried turning the device. Fisher saw Spidermen in the hall. Stringer failed and was at max heart rate. Fisher ran in, grabbed Mason’s hand, and pushed himself until he got it to turn. The HP was dispatched.

Fisher, Stringer, and Shepard ejected. Mason and Warner ran for the ringing phone. Control ejected them just as the spidermen entered the room.