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I'll put something more exciting here later.

In the meantime, have a beverage and relax. It could be awhile.

What beverage would I suggest?

  • A nice sangria.
  • An old fashioned.
  • A Long Island Iced Tea.

Arisia Anyone?


Maybe we should rename this site Geeks Playing Games Too Much to Write About Them. Or Geeks Playing Games and Going to Cons.

Because yep, it's con season again (yay!) and I'm suddenly motivated to share con stuff with whoever stumbles over to this corner of the web. This weekend it's Arisia and it's my first time (be gentle). I'm heading up there and rooming with friends from my writers' group, but they're on staff/volunteering so I'll be spending a lot of time on my own. This is anxiety inducing for me (introvert alert!), so we shall see how I do "going it alone". Tips, advice, empathy welcome.

And then we have Temple Con in February, maybe a day at Total Con after that?, Pax East in April, and Connecticon in July. Con season. I'm a fan.

We have been playing games. Most notably, the new Firefly board game. It's too damn pretty.

Maybe someday we'll tell you all about it.