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Giveaway! Conglomerate: The Business Board Game (Kickstarter)

Sometimes you want to hang with the family or friends on a rainy day and monopolize something. You could play the classic game but honestly, it's grown tired. Why not shake it up a bit and try something more exciting?

"CONGLOMERATE is a throw-back style game that incorporates modern mechanics and game theory into a perfectly balanced, competitive business-themed game experience. In CONGLOMERATE, you must compete or trade with other CEOs to expand and improve the efficiency of your supply chain. Use the services of professionals like Politicians, Union Leaders, Lobbyists, Crime Bosses, Police Chiefs, and Media Moguls to push your rivals out of business. Savvy business skills coupled with strategic alliances will help you win the game. Not everyone has what it takes to lead a CONGLOMERATE."

Pop over and read our full review HERE. Check out their Kickstarter HERE. And then enter to win a demo copy (opened, played a few times, but still in excellent condition) of the game below!

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