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Connecticon 2013: Part 2 (The Highlight Reel)

Time keeps flowing through my fingers faster than I can catch it, so I thought I'd wrap up our Connecticon experience with a few highlights.

-So This Happened.

We were playing the Serenity RPG when I received this photo as a text message. The man in the center is my (Lori's) husband. Those of you who are fans of Battlestar Galactica already know the other two men. For those who aren't (why not?!), the one on the left is Michael Trucco (Anders) and on the right is Tahmoh Penikett (Helo). My husband was having lunch with a friend and these two were having lunch at the table next to them. My husband paid for their lunch ('cause that's just the kinda guy he is) and they gave him a thank you note and asked if he'd like to take a photo.

My response to this photo text? I'll be in my bunk.

Hannah (Ben's wife) and I joined in on a game of SpookyBeans run by one of the co-author's of the book, Ben Morgan. I own this Gothic Comic storytelling RPG, have run it once for my writers' group game night, and was really looking forward to playing. I was not in the least bit disappointed. Ben Morgan's characterizations of the NPC'S were great and we had a lot of fun. If you have the chance to play a game he GM's, jump at it.

I played Mitzy the Vampire Slayer and was able to stake Edward...I mean Edwin. I dusted him into a pile of glitter. Yep, that was a definite highlight.

-Gaming Your Fandom

Sunday morning we ran our first official Geeks Playing Games panel. The turnout was a bit low but I think that may have been due to the time slot. Those who did come out were great and we had a blast talking games and gaming with those who share our passions and hope to do so again. 

Be sure to check out our list of games organized by fandom, found by clicking the tab at the top of the page entitled Gaming Your Fandom. Games are a great way to delve deeper into a fandom that you and your friends enjoy!

Connecticon was a lot of fun this year, our main regret being that we were unable to clone ourselves or find a time turner. If you are a fan of anything considered geeky and are in the area, check it out next year. I'm looking forward to becoming a regular at this con!