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Connecticon 2013: Part 1 (Star Wars, MISFITs, & Marina Sirtis)

Connecticon was so frakking awesome, it has taken me a week to recover. Last year was fun but this year was amazing. Whatever you did to kick it up a notch, Connecticon, it worked!

One difference between this year and last is that we attended as panelists. Three panels were steampunk themed and part of our MISFITs group, while one was gaming themed and part of this very website. We arrived in our steampunk costumes much too early Friday morning, sporting the shiny Event Leader badges we'd picked up the night before, and hadn't even made it into the gaming area when I was stopped and asked if my picture could be taken. Not having attended this con in cosplay before, I was surprised someone wanted my photo but I obliged and tried my best to rid myself of BRF. This strange occurrence of people wanting my photo continued throughout the day, making that particular steampunk outfit my new favorite. Did I happen to snap a photo of the outfit to post here? Of course not. That would have been much too smart.

The reason we'd arrived at the very start of the con was to get in on the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG. We'd played a beginning module once before and I was still half asleep, so I immediately claimed the same bounty hunter Twi'lek I'd played prior. This character was basically asleep through the first half of the game, but woke up in time to straddle a villain in need of questioning and shove her gun in his junk. He provided answers quickly at that point.

The gameplay in this RPG is fantastic, with enough mechanics to keep things moving but enough freedom for storytelling. Our GM was great and I only wish I were more awake so I could remember something more exciting than that his name was Scott. In any case, a good time was had by all and I'm pretty sure we accomplished our goal and had fun doing it.

Next up was our first MISFITs panel, Building the Other You: Part 1. We headed to the panel room, got set up, and people showed up to listen. Weird. Our fearless leader, Alden G. Ellis, was taking the lead on the MISFIT panels so we merely needed to look pretty and interrupt frequently. Once everyone got going, it turned into a nice discussion about discovering your passions and interests and using them to help create your own steampunk persona. When it ended, people came up to me and asked my opinion on things. Weirder. But I met some super cool people with some super cool ideas and it ended up being quite enjoyable.

At this point, I was crashing and burning from exhaustion. And yeah, it was only Friday afternoon. Ben was off at another panel*, my husband was off God knows where, and so Hannah (Ben's wife) and I snuck into the main event room and caught the second half of the Q&A with Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi on TNG). The woman is hysterical. I mean absolutely hilarious. Hannah told me I was just like her, no filter. I'll take it as a compliment!

Here's a quote I posted to Facebook that day:
"The best Troi I've ever seen was a guy. The drag queens do it fantastically. You know what he asked me? He asked me if I'd like him to give me some makeup tips!" -Marina Sirtis

Love it.

The next panel scheduled for the main event room was a Q&A with Battlestar Galactica alumni, Tahmoh Penikett and Michael Trucco (Helo and Anders), so of course we stayed put. They both seemed down to earth and humorous, answering questions with aplomb and sharing funny stories from production. The highlight for me was when a girl stood in line merely to say that she'd watched the first episode and found it too complicated and confusing. Based on that, she stated that the series was too convoluted and asked them to respond. Tahmoh's response? Joss Whedon liked it so basically your argument is invalid. (He phrased it much more nicely, but that was the gist. Love!)

After dinner at the new place across the street from the convention center, Ben, Hannah, and I headed back to play Vampire the Masquerade. This was a new RPG for us, having been recommended by a friend. When the group had gathered together, we discovered that what we were actually playing was a spoof of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, using Vampire the Masquerade's mechanics. Sort of.

I got over my disappointment at not learning a new RPG quickly because I am a huge Buffy fan and this sounded fun! We were playing season 2 era and I played Olive (Willow), Hannah was Bunny (Buffy) and Ben was Alex (Xander). The other two players chose Seraphim (Angel) and Wiz (Oz). We had a blast. We took on Spike & Dru (sort of), went to "The Silver", and fought vamps in the cemetery. I even got to jump on a vamps back and cover his eyes with my hand while Wiz whacked at him. We all had a great time and our GM was convinced his Saturday group could never measure up. In fact, when we saw him Saturday night he was hoping to run another game with us (but we were already booked). We're fun people, people. GRIN.

We closed out the con with this game and headed back to where we were staying for more shenanigans and then sleep. We'll pick it up next time with Saturday.


*The panel I went to was called RPG Hacking 101 with Cam Banks. If you are unfamiliar with who Cam Banks is, go pick up any of several RPGs from Margaret Weis Productions, including Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, Battlestar Galactica and Serenity.  The topic was how to take any given RPG and make changes that would better help the game run smoother.  Most people are familiar with house rules, this was just about pushing that idea a bit further.  A lot of people, myself being one of them before I was converted, get a little prickly about changing the rules of a published game.  I had gotten over that a while ago, and this just made me want to mess with things more.  Cam Banks was great, very easy and talk to and very knowledgeable.  I only wish I could have gotten in on the game he was running.  But no such luck. -Ben