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Pax East 2013: Tabletop Gamers (Part 1)

Pax East is an awesome con for gamers of all types. This year we headed to Boston with friends who prefer to focus on the video game side of things, while we remained focused on the tabletop. There was so much to do for both types of gamers that we rarely saw the other two except to crash in the hotel, and the four of us put together still could not manage to taste everything Pax had to offer.

We did our best to fit in as much fun as possible, attending five panels and playing a total of fifteen games! It still wasn't enough. I have the Post Pax Blues and already can't wait for next year. Highly, highly recommended if gaming is your thing.

So what did we play? So glad you asked.

Friday began with a game of Story War, which I had already backed on Kickstarter and was excited to see there, demoing the game. We sat down to play and I jokingly stated that I had time to back out of the Kickstarter if I hated the game play, but no worries, it was quite fun. I'll be sharing a review here in the future, but if you like quickly paced story games that encourage imagination, check it out.

From there we sat down to play Forbidden Desert, a new game from the makers of Forbidden Island. It was similar in play to Forbidden Island but different enough to keep it interesting and make both of us interested in purchasing it when released. When we finished this game, we handed a card for Geeks Playing Games to the man we had been playing with and were shocked when he stated that he had been on this very site the week previous. It was rather funny how excited we were. We love knowing people actually read this stuff! (So let us know! You make our day!)

He asked about games for his 7 year old daughter, so we grabbed a table in the free play area to teach him Oz Fluxx. This is a recent favorite, quick to learn, easy to play, and constantly changing. Great card game for both kids and adults.

At this point the 4am wake up was taking its toll and panels seemed a better use of limited brain power. We headed to Want a Good Story in Your Game? Get an Indie!, waited in line for an hour (that's a Pax given, so be prepared) and then sat down. Unfortunately, we were so tired and the panel so video game focused, that it became the nap panel. But it is fondly remembered for granting us a bit of a second wind!

Next up was The Future of Dungeons & Dragons, where we became quite excited about the new free to play MMORPG, Neverwinter. This was not something either of us had been interested in, but as one of the creators shared we both found our jaws dropping. This is an interactive, customizable MMO like we could not have imagined. It would seem that you could play as you would a regular MMORPG or you can use it to run your own campaigns and your own players through the adventures. It sounded, in a word, amazing. And we both left Pax with beta keys, so hopefully we will have first hand feedback to share at some point.

They also discussed D&D Next and their plans for that, sharing that the rogue and fighter were currently in need of the most feedback at this time and that they were very interested in hearing from the players and making something that works well. The DM Challenge that took place Friday and Saturday nights was also mentioned, but as we managed to get in and play on Saturday, I will leave that for now.

The panels continued with a game design workshop and an audience participation story game, but I will pick that back up in Part Two. Hope to see you return for more of our adventures at Pax East!