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Hull Breach!

Last month at TempleCon I had the opportunity to play many new games, most of which I mentioned in our after action report. One of those games that I played, and really enjoyed, was Hull Breach!

One of the things I like to do when I first arrive at any gaming convention is quickly cruise the floor and check things out. While doing just that I came across the Hull Breach! table and had a brief conversation with one of their team. I was intrigued, but didn't want to commit to anything yet, as I still had several halls to cruise. Then I blinked and it was Sunday and I still hadn't made it back to check out the game. Fortunately, my buddy Seth asked me to go with him to check out this card game that had piqued his interest. The card game in question was Hull Breach! and I am very glad I did. We played their “alpha” version of the game with a couple of preconstructed decks. The game is set up so that you can pretty much jump right in and have the rules explained as you go. Seth and I had a great time as I wiped him and his space station from existence.

Fast forward a few weeks and I found myself at TotalCon. I had two games I was there to play and Hull Breach! was one of them. As I already had the chance to play the alpha game, this time I wanted to play the new version, Corporate Wars, which is currently on kickstarter. They have made some changes to some of the rules and I think they have succeeded in making a great game better. This time I played against another friend, Glenn, and this time I got wiped from existence. But I still had a great time!

Hull Breach!, as described on their kickstarter page, is a “fast, brutal, sci-fi card game that blends the randomness of dice and cards with individual skill and tactical might.” They call it a Strategic Card Game (SCG).

The premise is: You are the commander of your very own space station. It is a kill or be killed universe. You use the resources you have to build ships, station modules and to recruit/train marines to defend and attack.

I’m not going to go into how the game plays. If you want to get a handle on the rules, check out this video. What I want to do is talk about what I like about the game.

  1. The art. The art on both the alpha game and the Corporate Wars game is outstanding. They did not cut corners on the art and it adds volumes to the setting of the game.
  2. The “feel” of the game. It has a very real setting, just enough sci-fi to give it the futuristic feel, but not so much that you feel you are in a tonally different reality. It has a very “this could be our future” feel to it.
  3. The dice. I like dice, and the fact I can play a card game and use dice without it feeling like something they added just so there would be dice is even better.
  4. The game mechanic. It just works, it feels right. I am a big fan of creating a game mechanic to work with the setting, and they have succeeded.

So, take a minute and check out their kickstarter campaign, and get in on the ground floor of what looks to be a very exciting adventure.