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Total Confusion (TotalCon) 2013

TotalCon describes itself as New England's largest game convention and yet it takes place in a rather small venue. The irony made me grin and I wondered how they could make that claim when there are so many larger cons in the area? It only took one walk through to answer that question.

This is a con about gaming. Period. Every inch of space was being used for board games, card games, RPGs, tournaments, etc. There were a few panels and workshops offered, as well as shadowcasts by the RKO Army, but the focus was tabletop gaming. I believe this was their 27th year and I can see why they are still going strong, as gamers flocked to the tables to spend a weekend enjoying something they love with others who love it as well.

We were only able to attend on Saturday and had made plans to meet up with Nathaniel Dean (Than) from Clockwork:Empire, to try out another great steampunk RPG scenario. Ben, his wife Hannah, our friend Glenn and I sat down with Than soon after arriving and jumped right in to playing "Incident Aboard the Egret". We'll be posting a review soon, but for now I will say that a good time was had by all and I'm already prepared to give this game the full 5 Knight review.
Before we knew it, half the day had gone by while we were engaged in conflict on an airship and so we decided to grab some food at the hotel restaurant and then peruse the wares. The vendor area was quite small, but the room was filled with games, dice, T-shirts, and even dragon sculptures. I was in search of a good storytelling RPG for my writer's group game night and I managed to find one called SpookyBeans. (We played last night and they were a few bumps in learning a new game, but all in all it was quite fun. I'll add a review once we've played it a couple more times.)

After shopping we wandered into the board game library and were a little surprised and disappointed at its size. The room was huge and people were playing games and having a great time, but the library offerings were rather small, especially as compared to the last con we attended. No matter, we met up with Than again and he agreed to teach us to play SmallWorld.

Ben and I had seen SmallWorld played on Tabletop but hadn't yet gotten around to actually playing. I thought it was a lot of fun, quick to learn, and constantly changing. The different combinations were hysterical (flying dwarves anyone?) and it seemed to be a game all ages would enjoy. I'm always on the lookout for games I can play with friends AND family without wanting to gouge my eyes out with a spork.

Our day at TotalCon was coming to a close, but Ben and Glenn managed to sneak in a game of Hull Breach. This was one that Ben had played at TempleCon and really enjoyed. He was excited to play again at TotalCon and he'll be bringing you a review soon.

I would recommend TotalCon if you're in the area and you love Tabletop gaming. The atmosphere was fun and family friendly, and there were always games to be played. I'd love to attend more than one day at some point and get in on some of their RPGs and possibly even a board game tournament. I'm always up for some friendly competition.