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Evil Babies Orphanage & Meta Awesome Cards: Kickstarter Spotlight Games

Not sure what this Kickstarter Spotlight Games thing is all about? Check out the Intro Post!

This month we bring you evil babies and the ultimate card game add on! 

Lori's Pick: Who can resist the preventative parenting of evil babies? Not this girl. I chose to spotlight Evil Baby Orphanage on Monday. Only a few days later, as I prepare to post, they've not only reached their goal but far surpassed it. I considered making another choice but I just love this concept and wanted to be sure those of you who share my twisted humor had the chance to back this as well (This whole spotlight idea is killing my wallet. I just can't resist!).

"Tiny, terrible, and in serious need of predeeming. Welcome to Evil Baby Orphanage, the world’s foremost time traveling facility for the preventive parenting of Evil Babies.

Evil Baby Orphanage is a casual party game where players take up the role of Time-Nannies and compete to remove evil from the time stream. Babies like Genghis Khan, Josef Stalin, and Vlad Tepes are all up for grabs, and it is your job to wrangle and redeem them before they commit the heinous deeds for which they were destined."

Ben's Pick:  The claim is that by adding Meta Awesome Cards "every game [they] added the new addition to actually became a new game, with different game play, and new tactics!"  Well, challenge accepted.  I have plans to add these cards to the most obscure games I can find to discover just how diverse these things are.

"It all began when we sat down for our usual game night. The game was great, but we'd played it so many times that it had become boring. How many times could we play the same game without it getting repetitive? How could we make it feel like the first time we played?

So out of curiosity, we built a simple, yet awesome system that spiced up our old games. We discovered that the old games that we were so used to became more awesome, with many more options, surprises and tactics!"