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Connecticon 2012 Part 1

 Last weekend the interwebs were abuzz with the news from San Diego Comic Con. While we would have loved to have been a part of that as well, here on the east coast around 10, 000 of us headed off to Hartford, CT for Connecticon. A first for us, Connecticon was celebrating it's tenth year as a "massively multi-genre" convention and we were excited to see what it was all about.

We arrived to a very long line for those who had pre-registered and an even longer line for those registering on site. The line was moved outside and the heat and humidity caused much grumbling and complaining as we wondered why the badges couldn't have been mailed to those who had registered online. Finally, we made our way inside, picked up our badges, and grabbed the program guides.

There was a large glossy magazine style program which contained the descriptions of all the panels, workshops, games, etc. The only problem was that there was no date or time listed! Once you found something you were interested in, you had to then open your giant "pocket program" that unfolded like a map and search for the title of whatever you were looking for from among several charts categorized by genre. It was crazy. So crazy that we spent the first hour confused and cranky.

One word Connecticon: Guidebook.

Please! And I say please because once we got past our initial annoyance, we found a great con where we had a great time and would love to attend again. Guidebook next year would make a great con into an awesome con. True story.

Check back tomorrow for the many, many pros to this con! This past weekend was one of my all time favorite weekend's away and in the end, a good time was had by all.