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Connecticon 2012 Part 4

There is nothing worse than waking up to an alarm.  Okay, there are lots of things worse, but it's at least in the top one hundred worst things ever.  Sunday morning came way too early, but we were determined to get back to the convention center by 9 AM, because we had a date with a wizard named Harry.  Now, I want you to take all those thoughts of Hogwarts, Gryffindor or Quidditch, and set them aside.  I'm talking about the other wizard named Harry, Harry Dresden.  For those of you who are not familiar with The Dresden Files, they are an ongoing series of novels, short stories, comics and (unfortunately) a television show about a wizard private investigator who lives and works in Chicago.  I highly recommend them (although I must add the disclaimer that they are at least PG-13, sometimes bordering R...just saying).

So, this date I was referring to, was our first run through The Dresden Files RPG by Evil Hat Productions.  The Dresden Files RPG uses the Fate game system, which uses Fudge Dice, which, when rolled and added to the appropriate modifier, let you know how well you succeeded, or failed.  Lori, Hannah and I took on the roles of three of five Wardens of the White Council, and set off to kill us some Red Court Vampires.  We didn't actually fight any vampires, just a couple of ghouls that were hiding in an old abandoned mine in the middle of nowhere New Mexico.   Regardless of the outcome of the game, which went by really fast, it was a lot of fun.  I can't wait for our regular DM/GM to catch up on reading the novels so we can run through a campaign... or nine. I remember reading one of the books several years ago and thinking to myself, "this would make a great roleplaying game."  Turns out I was right!

Have you ever gone somewhere and seen something that caught your attention enough that you wanted to check it out first hand, but due to circumstances beyond your control you never actually got to that thing?  That happened to me last February at TempleCon, then again in March at TotalCon, and again in April at PAX East, so when I saw that I would get a 4th opportunity, I vowed to get it done.  And I nearly blew it again, but after we finished our romp through the Dresdenverse, Lori and I headed straight over to kill us some zombies, ZPOCALYPSE style!  

Created by Jeff Garcia of GreenBrier Games, a local if you live in Massachusetts like we do, ZPOCALYPSE "combines combat, resource collection, character development and team strategy with the goal of surviving a zombie apocalypse." Sounds fun right?  And it was.  My only gripe was that at the demo we only got to play through one night, this was at the point I was really getting the hang of it, and getting into it.  Oh well.  The basic premise is that you play a squad of survivors and you have emerged from the bunker that has been your home since the apocalypse happened.  Your objective is to defend your bunker, collect food and weapons and kill zombies.  There was a little bit of a learning curve, but our guide was very helpful and easily answered all of our questions.  ZPOCALYPSE enjoyed an enormous success on kickstarter, raising 1,401% of their goal.  If you come across the chance to play it, and  if killing zombies is your thing, I would definitely recommend it.

After our early wake up, we were all a little wiped out, so after our zombie slaughtering escapades, we decided we would wish Connecticon farewell, and a "see you next year," because, despite the initial SNAFU, this was a great con and a fun weekend.  The only way it could have gotten better was to follow it up with Nerfageddon! "What's Nerfageddon," you ask? Basically we went to Walmart, stocked up on Nerf guns and darts and let loose in a large maze like building that we had access to for a couple of hours, stalking one other through the halls and putting all those skills we picked up watching cop shows on TV to good use!  Yeah, it was awesome!