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Connecticon 2012 Part 3

After a late night of gaming, we didn't return to the convention center until 11 Saturday morning.  Lori and my wife, Hannah, got waylaid by real world madness (very inconsiderate intruding on our weekend, I would like to add), while Glen (Lori's husband) was of to the Make ALL THE THINGS! panel followed by Meet the  Vagabonds.   I was left to wander the con alone.  

After perusing the program and schedule, and nothing jumping out at me, I found myself in Artist's Alley.  It was there that I discovered a new favorite artist, a utilikilt wearing gentleman by the name of Garth Cameron Grahm.   He draws some very inspired twists on some age old fairy-tales and other stories of myth.  His take on Alice was my favorite.  After reconnecting with the others, I warned my wife that we would be spending some money at a particular booth, and after seeing why I was so enamored with the art, she readily agreed.    

We grabbed a quick bite and then my lovely wife and I were off to the gaming tables, while Lori and Glen headed off to Serenity Found: Myth and Culture in Firefly.*
This was my second chance to play Margaret Weis Production's Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game.  My first chance came at PAX EAST 2012, back in April.  Turns out my first impression was correct.  This is a really fun game, well thought out mechanics and so easy to get into the action and story without needing to spend a lot of time on game play.  Hannah took on the role of Kitty Pride/Shadowcat, while I did my best to portray Hawkeye. Fun game, can't recommend it enough, great way to get a comic book fan who has never played an RPG into the hobby.

After four hours of being a super hero, and the fact that we had to be at the Con at 9 AM the next morning, we called it quits fairly early and headed back to watch a movie and just relax.  "What" you ask, "could be so important to drag you out of bed that early?"  Check back with us tomorrow as we wrap up this crazy weekend report!

*Serenity Found: Myth and Culture in Firefly. Looooooved it! Spending an hour with other fans who obsess over their favorite show was fantastic. I would have attended Carry On Wayward Son: 7 Years of Supernatural if we weren't currently still in season 5. One of the things I really liked about this particular con was having a place to geek about things other than just gaming and steampunk. The multi genre aspect is a huge draw!