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Connecticon 2012 Part 2

Program difficulties not withstanding, there was a lot to love about Connecticon. Billing themselves as a "massively multi-genre" con, they recognize that most self identified geeks do not geek over merely one thing. And so they provide panels and workshops in areas such as steampunk, anime, writing, creating things, beloved TV series, acting and the like, as well as cosplay improv, interactive "game shows", shadowcasts, and competitions. While all of this is taking place you can also view movie screenings, play tabletop games, spend a few hours checking out a new (or an old favorite) role playing game, or shop the vendor hall. And if you need a minute to catch your breath, you can always sit and take in all of the creative cosplay.

 We spent the first day wrestling with the program and then browsing the wares for sale. I fell in love with a green leather pouch at the leather works booth and drooled over it enough that it was mine by the end of the weekend. After watching one "case" at the cosplay court case panel, Ben and I headed out to wait for our respective spouses who were in a cooperative collaborations workshop and then we were all off to "What Lies Beneath the Clock Tower", a steampunk choose your own adventure novel read by the author. This proved to be a lot of fun, so much so that we purchased the book and plan to run an interactive reading at our friend's con next month (more on that in the future!).

We then made the short walk for dinner at a local tavern. Imagine our surprise when Rick, a local friend, walked in for dinner as well! We had no idea he was attending the con and after dinner we reconnected at the tabletop gaming area, where we played Ticket to Ride and Lords of Waterdeep with Rick, while Hannah (Ben's wife) was off to a voice acting panel and Glen (my husband) attended something about cons and swindles in the 19th century.

Despite our earlier issues, we declared the first day a success and were excited to see what the rest of the weekend had in store. Tune in tomorrow for more coverage of Connecticon!