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Word Realms & Goblins Drool & Fairies Rule! :Kickstarter Spotlight Games

Not sure what this Kickstarter Spotlight Games thing is all about? Check out the Intro Post!

This month, we have a word game that's not played on the table and a gorgeous card game of goblins and fairies!

Lori's Pick: Word Realms
"Do you sometimes dream that you had enough tiles in Scrabble to spell "callipygian"? Or that playing an awesome word in Words With Friends would cause lightning to arc out of your fingers while you laugh maniacally? Well, you may be a bit mentally disturbed, but you'd also probably love our new game, Word Realms."

The tabletop choices were not exciting me as I scrolled through and then I came across this crazy MMORPG word game. Yeah, Scrabble meets RPG where you battle with words. As a fan of both, I couldn't resist and I found myself clicking back to the page, watching the video, checking out the web site, and finally clicking the Backer button. Words, crazy characters, and irreverent humor. I want to play this game. 

*This project will only be funded if at least $100,000 is pledged by Thursday Jun 21, 3:49pm EDT.*  

Ben's Pick: Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule!

"Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! is a card game of rhyme and reason for kids of all ages.
For a long, long time, goblins and fairies have lived in a magical world right beneath our noses. If you look hard enough, you can find rings of mushrooms, called “fairy rings”, which act as doors between their world and ours. Today, a gang of mischievous goblins escaped from the fairy ring, and it is up to the players to send them back before they cause trouble! But an ancient spell of rhymes which transforms goblins into fairies and fairies into goblins makes this a trickier task than you might think…"
I have an 8 year old daughter who absolutely loves all things fairy (as many little girls do), and that love has influenced our family gaming events.  Both my daughter and my 11 year old son very much enjoy the RPG Faery's Tale, which provides some very basic character creation rules for each player to make their own Faery.  So, when I saw the really great art and how simple but fun the game play looked, I knew I would have to get this, if for no other reason than to see my little girl smile.  The game play is is pretty straight forward, and since they do such a great job explaining the rules (including two videos that show actual game play) on the kickstarter page, I'm not going to bore you with what you will read again there.  I will, however, say that although this is geared towards children I fully expect to enjoy the game along with both my kids. 
*This project will be funded.  It has already raised 248% of their $5000 goal, you can get in on the fun by pledging your support by SUNDAY JUN 17, 11:59PM EDT .