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5 Suggested Game Gift Ideas for Father's Day

As the geekier one in my marriage, I realize that these games will appeal to more than just dad's! With Father's Day just around the corner though, it seemed an appropriate time to make a few gift suggestions for the favorite father in your life.

1. The Sci-Fi Lover: Star Trek- Fleet Captains
A couple of my Star Trek loving friends are gaga over this game (Ben is one, review to come)! Memorial Day they played with a couple of other guys in my living room and a good time was had by all. It looked like a group of men playing with their toy ships.* What Star Trek loving father wouldn't be ecstatic over that?

2. The Simple Strategist: Ticket to Ride
My favorite father (the father of my kids!) has chosen this as one of his new favorite games. It's simple to learn, fun to play, and works well with a wide variety of age groups. I always tend to try for the longest road. Sh, don't give away my strategy!

3. The Fantasy Fanatic: Mage Knight
I admit, I am still in the walkthrough process with this game (Time, I need more of you!) and there is a definite learning curve but the more I "walk through", the more excited I become.  This is the game for the serious fantasy lover. The back story is fabulous, the game gorgeous, and even the learning process is fascinating.  Review upcoming, but I highly doubt most fantasy fans will find this disappointing.


4. The Twisted Classic: RISK Legacy
The classic strategy battle game, personalized and turned on its head. Great game, great adaptation. A favorite here! Check out our review.


5. The "Uninitiated": Settlers of Catan
Looking for the gateway game to bring your dad into the world of tabletop gaming? I'd place my bet on Settlers of Catan. One of the best loved games, he'll be surprised how much fun it is to build cities and roads while collecting and trading resources. This game never seems to get old and is enjoyed by gamers, as well as those who wouldn't consider themselves gamers. Highly recommended.

*My TV room is decorated with Firefly travel posters and Serenity action figures, which are all mine (Mine! Mine!), so I see absolutely nothing wrong with a great game containing toy sized space craft. If anything, it's a plus!