We're Geeks. We Play Games.

I'll put something more exciting here later.

In the meantime, have a beverage and relax. It could be awhile.

What beverage would I suggest?

  • A nice sangria.
  • An old fashioned.
  • A Long Island Iced Tea.

TGIF- Game Night!

Around here, Friday nights are for gaming. Whether there are nine of us exploring the Serenity 'verse, six of us delving in dungeons and attempting to charm goblins (okay, fine, that last one would be my Bard), or a handful of us playing board games, Friday night is a highlight of the week because it means friends and fun.

Right now we have a few games that are in the works to show up as reviews down the road.  Ben has been playing another Star Trek game that he seems pretty excited about and I have just started working my way through the walk through for Mage Knight. There may be a learning curve for this game but the more I read and set things up, the more excited I become. I can't wait to actually PLAY!

This week, we received The Gate for review. Although we haven't had the chance to play yet (maybe tonight!), we've unpacked the box and begun reading the rules. I love the weight of the character pieces, but I must admit to being disappointed that the dragon was not a playable character.  I'd love to play a fire breathing dragon now and again!

If you don't have a regular game night, whether once a week or once a month, think about starting one! It's a great way to connect with friends, relax and let the stresses of the week go for a little while, and keep your sanity. Or at least enough to keep you functional but still fun. (I have no personal experience with the site Need Gamers, but think it's a great idea if your friends aren't into the tabletop fun.)