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Zombie Dice

Players: 2+
Playing Time: 10-20 minutes
Age: 10+
Publisher: Steve Jackson Games
Category: Dice
MSRP: $13.13

"Eat brains. Don't get shotgunned."

The Box

It's actually a dice cup. It holds dice (scintillating stuff, eh?). There's a lovely looking Zombie on either side and a plastic cover to keep your dice from rolling out when you're not playing. It reminds me of an orange juice from concentrate container, only slightly taller.

The Rules/Gameplay

Each player is a zombie. When it's your turn, you shake the cup, remove three dice, and roll them. You can roll a brain, a shotgun, or footprints. You want braaaaaaains! If you roll footprints, the victim got away. Shotgun? You got shot.

Keep your brains to nom on later, your shotguns to show you've been hit, and decide if you will end your turn and take your brain points or keep going. If you choose to keep rolling, reroll any feet and add however many new dice so that you are always rolling three at a time. But watch out, three shotguns and you're done, with no brains for you. If you end your turn before the three shotguns, you score the number of brains you rolled for that round and it's the next players turn. The game continues until someone scores thirteen brains, at which time the round continues and whoever has the most brains at the end, wins.

The Bottom Line

I first heard of Zombie Dice when a friend mentioned that she always kept the game in her Bag of Holding because she never knew when she'd find herself in need of a quick, simple, and yet fun game. I first played Zombie Dice at Temple Con and found it to be a perfect game for those times when we didn't have an hour or two to spend, but wanted to play something and be able to chat and laugh and have a good time. When I researched what I would need for Pax East (I tend to do that), I read "Pack the Zombie Dice for lines!" more than once, so I plan to do just that. Most have probably already heard of this game but I thought it would be a perfect time to share with those who may not, as well as add my voice to those who enjoy playing a zombie once in awhile and rolling for brains! It's a great go to game when you need something quick and easy, or you just want an excuse to cry, "Braaaaaaiiiiiiinnnns!" in your creepiest voice.

There's an expansion that just came out last month but I was unable to pick that up locally. Maybe I'll grab it at Pax and report back on how that adds to the game. I just downloaded the iPhone app today (and played it at the hairdressers). It plays the same way but I miss the actual rolling of the dice. I do love the zombie voices though. Could be great for a down day. Feeling blue? Have a Zombie speak to you!