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First Impressions: Pax East

My feet were pre-blistered and I limped into the building, tired, the stresses of life weighing me down. After a quick bathroom stop, we merged into the line to get into the line to get into Pax. I suddenly felt too old and too insecure and too anxious and wondered why I was there.

And then we made our way into the line pictured to the left. Beach balls were flying overhead, the atmosphere was electric, and I felt the excitement take over. The people in front of us and behind us and to the side of us chattered with us and each other and I remembered this feeling... the sense of community that gamers and geeks have... the camaraderie and acceptance... and I could not wipe the grin off of my face.

We finally made our way inside and headed for the expo hall. Memories of Gen Con filled my mind and my grin grew wider. I was more than ready for this weekend. Ben went straight for the Pax Merch line to snag a scarf and I headed off with his wife to take in the sights. She had never attended a larger con and was a bit overwhelmed at everything, but we made our way to the Chessex booth and she recovered by plunging her hands in the big bin of loose dice. As we perused dice, we admired a cute girl in a cute Doctor Who skirt and she was nice enough to let us snap a photo. I love meeting people who love the same things I do!

We wandered for a bit and then headed to the Dungeons & Dragons booth where RA Salvatore had said he would be on Friday morning (no, I don't stalk Facebook fan pages...whatever gave you that idea?). There was a line already formed and when we asked what the line was for, no one in it had a clue. I love that. Just get in line and assume it'll be good. So we did.

After walking through the booth and viewing a video on their upcoming release, we came around the corner to find RA Salvatore giving a video interview in front of the Lolth statue.  There was a guy in front of us with a tattered copy of one of his books, so we snuck in behind him and hoped that we too could snag an autograph. After he finished the interview, the guy approached him and he said he'd be happy to sign his book. When I asked him to sign my bag, he jokingly said that he'd have to call an enforcer over and tell him I stole his bag, now that it had his name on it. I loved that he was so real and friendly and I may or may not have let out the tiniest bit of squee.

He started something with my messenger bag though. The next day, I was able to get Margaret Weis to sign as well and I think it's now a thing. What do you think of the autograph bag? Should I continue looking for autographs?

Continued with Pax East: Friday Recap.