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Going Cardboard: A Board Game Documentary (Review & Giveaway!)

It's amazing how gaming cons tend to pop up out of nowhere when you start looking for them.  Total Con is a somewhat local board game convention of which I have only recently become aware. Unfortunately, we were only able to attend one day of this con but the day spent was great! One of the highlights for me was the viewing of the new board game documentary, Going Cardboard.

I am not typically a fan of documentaries. More a lover of stories, documentaries tend to put me to sleep and so are usually avoided. I am so glad I did not avoid this one. Lorien Green does a wonderful job of telling the story of board games, of making it about the people who create and the people who love games, and I found myself completely enthralled with the movie.

She intersperses the stories of game creations, designers, and the people who play them and she does this skillfully. My heart went out to the independent game creator whose game was to be produced by one company, only to have that company declare bankruptcy, and it sunk as his misfortune continued. My interest was peaked as creators of games I adore shared how they came to be and I loved hearing big name developers describing the process one must go through to pitch an idea. The on the scene footage from Essen, the biggest gaming convention in the world, made me want to make the trek to Germany, the gaming groups that formed and grew around a love of playing inspired me to want to reach out to my local community, and the interviews with gaming fans with regards to their collections made me laugh out loud. This is a piece about people who love gaming and I found myself laughing and cheering and mourning along with those highlighted. I can't remember a documentary I've enjoyed as much.

If you're a gamer or one of those crazy people who love documentaries (who knows, I may just become one too!), you're going to want to get your hands on this one. Going Cardboard is a must see for anyone interested in the people behind the games and the process behind the production. I'd watch it again, if only for the kooky Settlers of Catan song!

I loved this enough to contact Lorien and ask if she would like to celebrate our launch and her documentary by offering one as a giveaway to our readers. She agreed!  If you'd like to win a copy of Going Cardboard, enter to win below. If you'd like to purchase your own copy, the Buy Now button is on the top right of their site, and it sells for $29.95 (North America) or $33.95 (International), shipping included.

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